Selecting A Nerf Gun

Many people will want to pick out their Nerf gun based on how cool it looks, which can be hard to do, since their bright paint jobs and new designs make them all look pretty cool. If you’re shopping for a child you will probably want to pick one out based on its age range, since some Nerf guns and weapons can be more powerful than others. They can also have more complicated shooting styles or are too heavy for younger Nerf blasters. Another option you will want to consider when choosing your Nerf gun is where it is going to be used. More powerful guns can shoot up to forty feet and probably aren’t recommended for indoor use. But there are less powerful guns that can be used for living room or office Nerf battles as well.

Several of the more popular guns include the Nerf Maverick, Nerf Raider, and Nerf Vulcan. They are all very cool-looking guns but each serve different purposes in your Nerf arsenal. The Nerf Maverick is a smaller gun that looks similar to a revolver. When you’re ready for battle simply load the 6 foam darts into the round chamber and you can fire them off in a matter of seconds. The Maverick could very easily be an indoor or outdoor gun as it only shoots up to 15 feet.

The Nerf Raider and Nerf Vulcan on the other hand are quite a bit bigger and recommended more for the big kid who loves Nerf. The Raider is Nerf’s version of a Tommy-gun. Its claim is the largest capacity Nerf gun ever. It holds 35 darts in its drum magazine and can shoot a single shot or can be set to rapid fire to give you an edge in your next Nerf battle.

Weighing in at 8 pounds, the Nerf Vulcan shoots rapid fire mini darts. With an attached ammo belt and target sites you’ll never run out of Nerf ammo and it provides some of the most precise shooting accuracy. Both the Vulcan and the Raider are probably better for outdoor use as they are able to shoot a further distance. Either one would be a fine choice to take into your next Nerf battle.

With all of the choice of Nerf guns out there you will need to do your research to find which one is best suited to your needs and shooting abilities. And with all the safe fun you can have with a Nerf gun, why not add them all to your Nerf Gun arsenal. likes Nerf guns some much it has created its own Nerf secton listing all the greatest Nerf guns, Nerf blasters, and more. Check out the Nerf Vulcan Auto Cannon and Nerf Maverick at today. Jeremy Thompson is an editor for Gadget Find.

USB Missile Launcher – Computer-controlled Desktop Rocket Launcher
USB Missile Launcher - Computer-controlled Desktop Rocket Launcher

Office DESK USB missile LAUNCHER adult TOY GAME work NU
Office DESK USB missile LAUNCHER adult TOY GAME work NUIt’s ON, Baby ! Get ready to rule the office with this no-nonsense missile launcher.
The USB missile launcher will help you defend your desktop from pesky co-workers and supervisors.
Now your boss will think twice before asking you to ” go ahead and come in on Saturday.”
If Milton Waddams had had this, you can bet he would still have his red Swingline stapler and his desk by the window !


Missile launcher in military green “camo”
3 foam missiles
4 feet of USB cable
Prerecorded realistic sound effects
CD-ROM software, user guide, quick start guide and online support

Nerf Mania

A few months ago I purchased a pack of Nerf Guns on Ebay waiting patiently for the first days of school to be over so when I heard “I’m Bored” I would be armed as well.

It took exactly ONE day with out school before I heard it!  

I opened up the package and handed out half a dozen nerf guns to my boys.  With in minutes my front yard had orange missles a flying and half the neighborhood was here.  


Nerf N-Strike Double: Blast Bundle
Nerf N-Strike Double: Blast BundleNerf N-Strike Double Blast Bundle for Wii features both NERF N-STRIKE and NERF N-STRIKE Elite and includes a Blue Switch Shot with Red Reveal Lens!

Epic Nerf Battle

I love watching others gang up and go crazy with Nerf Guns.  Enjoy:

120 Nerf Brand MICRO DART Refill Ammo 12 pack Case +1 FREE Sonic Pack
120 Nerf Brand MICRO DART Refill Ammo 12 pack Case +1 FREE Sonic PackThese darts were produced by a former Hasbro Inc. subsidiary OddzOn Toys, whom for a brief time held the rights to the Nerf brand. Hasbro Inc. acquired this small toy company in 1996 seemingly for their Vortex product line which included the Vortex football. Within 2 years they moved the company to the west coast where OddzOn Toys was in charge of the entire Nerf brand. In 2001 citing economics Hasbro Inc. shut down the small subsidiary, which seems like their was their original intentions. Although still made in China, it seems these darts are of better quality than newer ones, because they travel at a slightly higher velocity and can even be fired from Nerf Dart Tag guns.

Will fit –

Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Softair Pistol
Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Softair PistolAdds another dimension to the airsoft shooting experience. Licensed Desert Eagle 50 Magnum Replica…. Item# 90121 Spring Operated Airsoft Gun Adjustable BAXS System… 1/1 ScaleVelocity = +/-175 fps Body: Plastic Package: Clam Mag Capacity: 28 BBs…

Kids need exercise – Give em Nerf Guns

Our kids aren’t getting enough exercise these days.  It’s hard to get them off the couch, or away from the computer long enough to get any real exercise.  I’ve got good news though – give ANY boy a Nerf Gun and he’ll be running around fighting the “bad” guys in seconds.  You might get some exercise too – since of course he will be chasing you as well!

Ebay occasionally has package deals of Nerf guns that make it really affordable to arm his friends as well.

Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Blaster
Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate BlasterGet ready for battle with your own customized blaster! Will you take on the enemy with a pistol? Will you become a clone trooper and blast battle droids with your rifle? The choice is yours. Assemble the parts in different ways to create different configurations. Pull the trigger and watch the barrel light up! The weapon sounds change with each new attachment! Build your own blaster and get fired up for action and adventure!

Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Blaster
Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper BlasterJoin the clone troopers as they battle the droid armies on the wastelands of Geonosis and the forests of Felucia! Load a dart into this electronic blaster and take aim against the dark side in an all-out battle to save the galaxy! A targeting light will help you zone in on your target! Blaster comes with 3 foam darts.

The History of Nerf

History of NERF Guns

NERF gun history starts with a game designer and inventor, Reyn Guyer, one of the inventors of Twister before he moved on to NERF. Originally, Guyer had the idea for an indoor volleyball game which Parker Brothers was interested in. NERF was developed – Non-Expandable Recreational Foam, which gave the game its name. Parker Brothers reviewed NERF and rejected everything about the game except for the NERF ball used.

NERF is formed by a chemical reaction between polyurethane and injected carbon dioxide which further reacts with the material and forms the very soft, ultra safe foam. The NERF foam was initially marketed as a NERF ball and in 1970 it was launched on the world. Over 4 million were sold in the first year, marketed as the official indoor ball which was so safe it would not break windows or hurt babies.

The success of the NERF ball was quickly followed up by the Super NERF ball, with a mini basketball game launched in 1972 for indoors – NERFHoop and this was joined by a NERF football. Very soon, the NERF football became the best seller out of the NERF toy family.In 1991, Parker transferred NERF rights to Kenner Products, a group company and through them to Tonka Toys and ultimately to current owners, Hasbro. Hasbro has expanded the NERF toy line to include NERF blaster (the ultimate kids toy gun), baseball bats, toy rockets, ball and dart ammunition and beyond into NERF online gaming communities and accessories.

NERF Blasters

NERF blasters are the toy gun range which has taken the world by storm. They are ultimately the safest and best child toy gun on the market. They are eminently suitable for kids and participants who would not be allowed to play in the more rough and tumble paint balling and airsoft. NERF sports are completely safe and include a wide range of games beyond toy guns, but nevertheless, NERF blasters and toy guns are the mainstays of the product range.

The top selling NERF blaster if the Maverick, a Magnum style revolver with six shots and the most popular office toy on the market, showing it is just as much in demand by “big” kids as the little ones. Millions of Mavericks have been sold around the world, but the NERF toy gun range also includes:

NERF MaverickNERF Vulcan – a belt fed fully automatic heavy machine gun – a battlefield domination toy gun with an overpowering 3 rounds per second rate of fire.

NERF Long Shot – the sniper toy rifle of the range with pinpoint accuracy at ranges up to 50 feet and beyond.

NERF Swarmfire – a 20 round dart tag gun which is the leading toy gun for use in NERF wars where darts tipped with Velcro are used in conjunction with NERF vests, to which they will stick if a hit is registered.


NERF wars are primarily organized through online forums and venues are located all over the country. NERF wars are one of the most popular sporting/hobby pastimes organized for children and teenagers in the country today. Informal NERF wars are held in basements and offices around the country, but there are organized venues and even professional leagues.

NERF Awards

NERF has been at the forefront of toy and game development for over 30 years. In 2011, the newly launched NERF N-Strike Stampede won “Boy Toy of the Year” award at the prestigious New York 11th Annual Toy of the Year Awards. The Stampede was joined by the NERF Super Soaker Shot Blast, one of the leading toy water pistols from a spin off range from NERF

Toy Weapons: N-Strike, Bb Gun, Super Soaker, Water Gun, Toy Weapon, Water Balloon, Mare’s Leg, Cap Gun, Rubber Band Gun
Toy Weapons: N-Strike, Bb Gun, Super Soaker, Water Gun, Toy Weapon, Water Balloon, Mare's Leg, Cap Gun, Rubber Band Gun

Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red Reveal
Wii Nerf Switch Shot with Red RevealTake aim with the Nerf Switch Shot Blaster. One blaster with three ways to play: 1) Play Wii Zapper supported video games with the Wii Remote installed. Fully compatible with Wii Nunchuk. 2) Launch sonic micro darts with the dart launcher attachment. 3) Slide on the Red Reveal to play the NERF N-Strike Elite game.Features: Fit your Wii Remote (not included) into the blaster, and employ the Red Reveal lens to help you solve puzzles, identify enemy weak spots and decode secret messages Select any of four playable characters with unique blasters and abilities